Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fisher Price Jumperoo

Babies just love to jump around and bounce their little legs. The Fisher Price Jumperoo is designed to allow your baby to do just that.

Your baby will love to be in this little bouncer because they will have the freedom to bounce as they please. It is made with a stand alone frame so it does not attach to the door way like the original jumpers that were causing injuries to the babies either falling from the attachment or hitting themselves on the door's frame.

It is suited for babies from the age of four months and the weight limit is 25lbs. As long as your child fits into this requirement, this bouncer is just right for them.

It comes with different designs as well. The Fisher Price Jumperoo Rainforest is one of the most sought after of the Fisher Price brand of jumpers. It has little animals and trees on the seat cover giving baby a feel as if they are in the jungle.

It has dangling animals that are attached to little leaves that hang over the baby's head giving them eye entertainment as well as sounds and lights. This baby jumper features a bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard and more that baby will just “go wild” for!

The Fisher Price Jumperoo folds for mobility. You press on two very large buttons on both front legs and that folds these two legs and allows them to be "tucked in" so that the width of this toy is reduced and it can be more easily passed through doorways and around furniture. But note that this folded position is only for ease of moving the toy around, not for storage. The legs don't really lock in folded position and it is very difficult to prop this toy up and out of the way.

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